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Comitè d'Ètica d'investigació Clínica (CEIC)
de l'Hospital Universitari Doctor Josep Trueta, de Girona.
The Ethics Committee of Clinical Research (CEIC) is independent of the clinical trial sponsors and researchers.
CEICs are made up of health and non-health professionals, whose purpose is to supervise the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of the subjects who participate in the clinical trials or other research projects that we evaluate.

To ensure this protection, the Ethics Committees are governed by:
- Recommendations contained in the Helsinki Declaration and subsequent revisions, the Belmont Report, the Convention of Oviedo, ethical and methodological aspects of Good Clinical Practice of the European Union, as well as other guidelines for the methodology of the WHO Research .
- The current legislation governing the Research: RD n º 223/2004 of 6, February 2004, the regional order 406/2006 of 24 October and the biomedical research, law 14/2007 in of July.
- Confidentiality of information regarding the identity of individuals involved is guaranteed by the Organic Law on Data Protection, Data Protection Act 15/1999 (LOPD 15/1999)

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